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Health & Wellbeing

12 November 2019 | 18:00 - 20:00

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About the event

2Macs will deliver this highly interactive CPD Event.

Ever sat through the presentation of H&S priorities or the launch of this year's action plans and thought "are we ever going to get to the bit about Health or are we just going to talk about Safety?" 

This drama based event is aimed at all levels of the workforce who may have to manage stress and mental wellbeing in themselves or others.

It is all too easy to neglect the H in HSE, particularly when that H relates to people’s mental wellbeing. The scars of mental health are hidden but the consequences are all too visible. It is a harsh fact, however, that stress and stress related absenteeism costs the UK 11.7 million lost work days per year and an estimated £6 - £7 billon.

Compare this to the 4.5 million days and £4.8 billion lost to work place injury and it becomes all too apparent why we should be giving far more serious consideration to workplace mental health.

A well workforce is not only more productive, but safer. This is the business case. Health, both mental and physical, however, should not be just a business case, it should be a moral obligation.

Key Topics:

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • Recognise the signs and impact of stress in self and others

  • Understand the difference between acute and chronic stress

  • Explore the stress response chain and how to break it

  • Identify support mechanisms to cope with chronic stress

  • Through the use of our unique drama techniques develop practical coaching skills to deal effectively with difficult wellbeing conversations

  • Using the HSE key indicators of workplace stress as a framework produce a unique organisational stress profile and formulate a plan of action for reducing stress in themselves / others and their working environment

Key Benefits:

The transferable programme benefits are:

  • Increased workplace morale

  • Improved leading cultural indicators

  • The development of coaching skills transferable people management generally

  • Greater identification and recording potential wellbeing issues providing quality information in order to drive positive change


This course is designed to provide easy to use practical tools that can be put into use every day to help both self and others create an environment conducive to mental wellbeing.


The Angel View

Low Eighton



Event fees

This event is free to all members of the CIOB. Non-members will be charged £10.

To find out further about ticket prices, please click on the Register button in the top right of the page.

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