Drop in clinics for one-to-one advice on

HMRC R&D Tax Credits

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R&D Tax Credits 

Drop-in Clinics 


Problem solving is part of everyday work in construction. So often we find ourselves spending time and money working out how we can do something differently by adapting products, processes and services, or creating new ones to meet a specific need or solve a specific problem.

 Find out more about the HMRC R&D Tax Credit Scheme by clicking here to watch our webinar
For SME's in particular, the cost of this kind of innovation can be a financial strain.
HMRC's R&D Tax Relief Scheme is there to ease the cost of researching new methods of working and applies from the design & prototyping stages right through to projects being carried out on site.
But we know that companies from the construction industry are not claiming everything they are entitled to.
RIFT R&D and CIOB are holding a number of clinics around the UK to explain how the scheme works and help you understand how it could apply to your work.
There will be a short presentation outlining the scheme with examples of where it is used, and then a number of experts will be on hand to answer your specific questions on a one-to-one basis so you can discuss your own individual situation.   

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