The Why, What and How of

Digital Construction

9th May 2019 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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Understanding how to deliver services using digital construction can be challenging, for both early and late adopters.

The CIOB and Autodesk have designed this webinar, to support the construction industry in its digital construction journey, to raise productivity by adopting the benefits of the digital technology.

During the session you will learn about:


  • Why?  What is the real, tangible value of digital construction and the new way of working?
  • What? Digital technologies and the requirements of digital construction, describe the stages of adoption – which stage are you?
  • How? Describing a lifecycle/digital workflow of a project using digital construction. Examples of new workflows that are available.
  • How? What steps should a company or organisation take to deploy and reap the benefits of digital construction?
  • How? Can organisations implement digital construction? What support might they need during project delivery?


Who should attend:

Director or manager or practitioner - anyone in construction responsible for strategy, operations, projects, business development functions, including preconstruction bidding, planning, design co-ordination, or project management on site.



David Philp, CIOB Digital and Asset Management SIG Chair and CIOB Trustee


Matt Keen, Construction Industry Strategist, Autodesk
Lee Mullin, Digital Construction Specialist, Autodesk
John Simpson, Head of Digital Construction, Robertson Group
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Discover the Digital Vision for Construction

Digital technologies such as infinite could computing, site automation and machine learning have the potential to radically transform the construction industry.  This could improve the profitability of projects while shaping a smarter, better-performing built environment that delivers on time and budget, and attracts talent.

In addition to joining in our webinar, you can also download a discussion paper, written in collaboration with Autodesk, which examines what the construction industry stands to gain from these new digital technologies and provides a roadmap for how to get there.
Step into the future: explore and understand the vision of a more efficient construction industry transformed by technology.
Download the paper here