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How to Prepare and Defend a Claim for Delay and EOT


How to Prepare and Defend a Claim for Delay and EOT


Sold Out


26th April 2017




CPD training

Meeting Point:

Room UR8, 8/F, United Centre, Admiralty, HK


Mr Clive Holloway


CIOB Member : HK$180

Booking Details


April Yip


852-2891 7226


Contractors and Sub-Contractors alike are often faced with having to prepare and submit claims for the delay and disruption they have incurred on their projects; the impact of which allegedly entitle them to an extension of time EOT, which is needed to remove their exposure to delay damages being levied, usually in the form of liquidated and ascertained damages LAD’s. Clients and Employers alike often receive such claims and need to respond, rebut, challenge and defend them accordingly. This seminar will provide an explanation of the principles of how to prepare a claim for delay and EOT and how to defend such a claim. The intention is to provide the attendees with useful guidelines as to how to go about preparing a statement of case or defence in respect of a claim for delay and EOT. The seminar will explain the actions (contractual and practical) necessary in the build-up in the need to prepare a claim for delay and EOT, and the actions necessary to prepare in advance of a receipt of such a claim. 

In addition, the seminar will provide detail of typical head of claim delay events that are used to support claims for delay and EOT, and detail of typical rebuttal issues for which default culpability would seem to dilute the strength of such claims for delay and EOT. The seminar will also offer sensible advice and strategy as to how to avoid being too confrontational and resolve the issues amicably by the parties engaging in workshops to discuss and look at ways to settle the dispute from a pragmatic view.


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